How Free Classified Sites Make Money

As a former marketing executive for a popular classified ad website, I was often faced with the question “how do free classified sites make money?” My response to them was always the same, it is summed up in one word; Traffic. Free products or services generate traffic and traffic equals money. The more traffic that a site can attract, the more money advertisers are willing to pay to receive some of the attention that is generated by that site. for instance generates well over 100 million views per month. Even though doesn’t allow commercial advertisers to promote banner ads on their site, they do charge a fee for certain options in certain categories. For example, in 2011 the site made approximately $96 million in the job recruiter category, $13 million in the real estate category, and $6 million in the therapeutic massage category. This is not even calculating the money that was being made by them in the Erotic categories that they had in previous years. Some estimates were conservatively estimated at around $50 million per year before they shut it down. is another great example, this website has established profit centers all through out its lay out. The company charges a small fee for use of its personals section which conveniently reduces the amount of spam received in that category. According to them, this allows the visitor to have a more quality experience. They also have an adult category that generates income for the site and I assume will add millions of dollars to their bottom line in the near future (if not already). Many classified sites like also charge a fee within the automotive, real estate, and job section. Basically, once the volume of visitors to a classified site is at a certain level, there is plenty of money to be made! Making money for a free classified ad website is accomplish able but definitely not easy. It can take years of marketing and promoting for these sites to generate the kind of traffic that it takes in order to turn a profit. However, once established it is very easy to create several profit centers within a classified ad website due to the multitude of categories and subcategories that exist. they have the option to just pick a popular category within the site, stamp a price on it and watch the money flow in.

Utilizing Classified Websites As The Best Advertising Medium

Utilizing the best advertising and marketing platform to solve your business needs is very important. It not only captures market’s vibes, but also makes your customer well aware about your products or services. It improves traffic to a business website as well as increases its efficiency. It maximizes benefits and enhances company’s productivity also. For dramatic enhancements in business popularity, productivity, and efficiency that redefine the expectations, companies are relying on online classified websites. Classified websites are very helpful in successfully advertising a particular product or service. These are highly versatile and strongly built to bring products directly to the customers. These websites responsibly serves businesses as well as individuals in a simpler and better way.

Today, more and more companies are looking to advertise their products through these networks of websites. These websites have several features that assist your product or company to significantly reach to the intended customers. These ads posting sites are highly valuable for retail-level as well as service-based companies that are looking to expand their infrastructure and want instant selling of their products for great turnover. Online classified sites are an innovative, well-accepted, and cost-effective process of product buying and selling. Those people, who get less time, often browse through these online classified websites for products or services.

Online classified websites have also been observed as the best and the most cost-effective alternative to their counterparts. It has taken the shape of an effective and evolved marketing tool that is utterly professional. Being zero-redundant, highly capable and yield-based, more companies are adopting these online platforms as their frontline advertising tools. It gives immediate results and escalates buying and selling. Classified sites are aimed to provide the options to publish ads for a great variety of products, services, such as those relating to real estate, local services, events, objects for sale, as well as personals items. The management also takes care of the posted items, their validity, pricing details, product specifications and images.

Whether you are a property dealer or having a garage, you can simply post your ads through these websites in the appropriate categories. Some of the popular categories are personals, automotive, pets, real estate, garage, services, merchandise and many more. The basic aim of such websites is to bring buyers and sellers together with a convenient and transparent platform that will yield in secure transactions. One of the most apparent advantages is that it has a broad reach and highest number of traffic. Needy people trust such sites for greater product or service availability and fast & hassle-free transactions.

So, if you are looking for the widest reach and maximum exposure for your product or service, then you need to include these classified sites in your advertising silos.

Clothes Accuracy in Visual to Visual Adaptations

There have been many video games that have been adapted to movies. With these adaptations, there would usually be a main character that has a costume based on someone from the video game itself. Whether these are the same character, a familiar face, or someone completely unrelated, how the person being focused on matters to the movie adaptation’s reception. Some notable adaptations that I would want to look at is Hitman and Assassin’s Creed.

In Hitman, the star of the show is a hitman known as Agent 47. 47 has showed up in nine games: Hitman Codename 47, Hitman Silent Assassin, Hitman Contracts, Hitman Blood Money, Hitman Trilogy which is a re-release of the previous three, Hitman Absolution, Hitman Go which is a mobile game imagining, Hitman Sniper, and a 2016 reboot just titled ‘Hitman’. 47 happens to have two films under his belt which gives some more to compare to.

Both of the Hitman films feature Agent 47 and costume-wise, it is hard to mess up. Things to look for are a bald head, a bar code tattoo on the back of head, a black suit with a red tie and white shirt, and possibly two silver pistols. Timothy Olyphant from the 2007 film displays all of these. Rupert Friend from the 2015 film also shows all of these. Easy costume equals easy costume accuracy.

In Assassin’s Creed, the main star tends to change between a few games. The games and their respective main characters I will be looking at are: Assassin’s Creed’s Altair, Assassin’s Creed 2’s Ezio Auditore, and Assassin’s Creed 3’s Connor Keyway. The protagonists, while different people from different times, do share a few qualities because of the group they belong to. These attributes are white robes with a big hood enough to obscure face, long sleeves, flowy leg length cloth that are not part of the costume’s pants, and a retractable arm blade on the left arm. There has only been one film in the series, but many games, so a few comparisons can still be made.

Michael Fassbender plays the titular assassin in the movie adaptation for Assassin’s Creed. Fassbender’s costume contains black robes with a big hood, dual arm blades, flowing leg length cloth, and long sleeves. Of these major costume choices, the differences are in the color of the robe and the extra arm blade. The arm blade difference though can be ignored because Ezio contains dual blades in most of his promotional art. Costume accuracy is mostly covered except for not wearing traditional white. Adaptation is accepted.